No No (Ingles)

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No No (Ingles)

Mensaje  Bell feehily el Mar Ene 06, 2009 4:16 pm

Once we had it all for the taking
Love was just me and you
You better think twice
About the plans that you're making
Of splitting the world in two

Put your mind in doubt
Did you ever think about
Everything that we're missing
Don't you make me see
What is best for me
‘Cause I just won't listen baby

No no, no no
I don't need nobody
Anyone to take your place but you
No no, no no
I just couldn't fall for anyone new
Nobody but you

Girl you are the life that I'm lifing
I just can't go without you
Let's make it alright
Wake up to what we've been given
Remember the things we've been through


I can't imagine
The two of us apart
Can't find a reason
‘Cause I still believe
There's no one like you
That is why I need
Nobody but you
Bell feehily

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