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Mensaje  Bell feehily el Mar Ene 06, 2009 5:49 pm

Hey, what's your name?
Do you live around here?
Don't I know your face?
You say I've been a stranger for too long
I didn't even notice I was gone
And I wanna come back home

Show me the way to make a start
Show me the road back to your heart
And I've learned the only truth that I need to know
There's a million places I can go
But without you it ain't home, it ain't home

Please say, what I need to hear you say
Say I'm thoughtless and foolish
But say it's not too late
Now I don't know exactly where we go from here
But trying is the only way to know
And I wanna come back home


It ain't hopeless please believe me
Don't give up cause we're half way there
We're at the crossroads in the middle
Between hope and between despair
All I need is some direction
Let me know you'll wait for me
Where you are is where I'll be

Chorus to end
Bell feehily

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